Music Catalogue

Just Walkin’ on a Summer’s Night (two flutes, violin and string bass)

Prayer for Jason (piano)

221B Baker Street (vln. and cello)

350 parts per million (wind quintet and timpani) *

A Northern Winter’s Night (vln., vla., cello) *:Honorable Mention, Sylvia Glickman award, International Association for Women in Music competition

Anemoi: The Four Winds (chamber orchestra)

Autumn Afternoon (piano)

Calling (fl., recording)

Chorale for Band (community band)

Gloria (SAT choir) * (commission for Victoria Piano Summer School)

Illuminations (flute choir)

Inner Landscapes (fl., piano) *

Kinetics (fl.,cl.,piano) *

Kyrie (sop., piano)

Miniatures (fl., Fr.horn)

Out My Window (fl., cl. horn, tp, tb., vln.,vla., cello)

Pine Cycle (sop. 2 altos, ten. bar. and piano )

Reflections II (two pianos)

String Quartet #1 *

String Quartet #2: The Spaces In Between

The Waiting (sop. and piano) *

Two Rivers Fanfare (community band)

Unfinished Story, Unfinished Song (alto sax,vln.,cello, piano) *

Voyager (str. orch.)

Walking Poems (S.A.T.B.) *

Where the Sea Meets the Sky (brass quartet) *



* Available through the Canadian Music Centre

All others available by contacting me directly